Citrus and Floral Boho for gin gin New Regent Street

In the second half of 2020 I was contacted by the passionate, talented team behind gin gin about collaborating on art work for their bar's brand new Art Deco premises on New Regent Street in Christchurch. Of course it was a YES PLEASE! I was so excited to be able to sink my teeth into this body of work and my first real project since having George in June. 

The brief was like one big delicious cocktail all in itself - citrus fruits, florals, boho, herbs, spices and gin botanicals. 

Each deconstructed arrangement of fruits and botanicals was taken under water infused with dye, a process I began working with in Ophelia; a series of nine limited edition art prints released the year before. 

The beauty of this process and often a trait which I lean towards when creating work, is a lot of the control is taken away from you when you are executing the ideas. Water and dye combined blends and moves in a way you cannot stop, resulting in some really organic visual treats!! 

The Citrus Brief

Lady Banks' rose from my mums garden and a foraged and donated citrus selection. Gin gin have done nothing by accident and their dedication to the vision for the space was so inspiring to work with.

We decided to present these works as rounds, to play with the Art Deco arch ways and curvatures of the booths, and of course because it’s citrus after all! 
Printing onto acrylic was new medium for me but I love the result. The material references the surface of water and you're almost pulled into the small ponds with the deconstructed fruits and blooms. 

The Floral Brief

Peonies from mums garden and Jasmine from my sisters. I ended up with a little bit of a ‘Splash’ flavoured popsicle  (who remembers those!!??) colour palette when mixing the dye to get a lilac tone, but in the end it turned into this perfect boho tie dye effect surrounding the flower heads.

Gin gin's vision for statement mirrors on the ground floor led us to using 750mm mirror with beveled edge as the finished medium. I couldn’t imagine it any other way actually! She proudly hangs between two fringed mirrors echoing the curvatures around her. 

Visit gin gin on New Regent Street in Christchurch to view the works in person and arrive thirsty as you will find it hard to stop at just one of their signature cocktails! 

If you feel inspired by this project and would like to create something for your own space, don't hesitate to get in touch. I would love to chat through ideas to make something perfect for you. 

You can also read more about behind the scenes here thanks to Stuff Homed. 

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