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"I couldn't resist the beautiful underwater artwork Love On Horizon in my favourite colour - yellow! The finishing touch to our master bedroom."

Yellow Lover

"You're right, the light shines through the fabric and the pattern glows! I love them. Thank you!"

Loves her Bouquet lampshades!

"I love how ethereal your work is"

@justsouthwest follower

"I wore my Hydrangea scarf for the first time the other day and have been meaning to tell you I absolutely adore it."

Hydrangea Scarf Wearer

"Our statement piece for each room is from Just South West!"

Botanical Lover

"Gee I love this artwork, Mermaid-Like ! The ochre solution the flowers are suspended in is a beautiful complimentary contrast to my vibrant wall colour."

Colour Lover

For gin gin New Regent Street

Created using Peonies and Lady Banks' rose from mums garden, Jasmine from my sisters and a collection of foraged and donated citrus fruits. gin gin have done nothing by accident and their dedication to the vision of their New Regent Street bar was so inspiring to work with.