The Art of Balance - Your Weekend - February 2021

"I was commissioned by the team at Gin Gin to create the artwork for the whole space – they’re on permanent display there.

The whole idea was to create the work in a botanical theme, with a gin focus. Hence, one of the main themes was citrus and another was juniper. Another was a floral theme, floral essences which are infused with gin, and another was herbs and spices.

It became my only focus after I had George. It was nice to have one big project that I could concentrate on, and the results have been amazing. It’s really rewarding having the whole space filled with my artwork.

One of the owners, Hollis, she said to me, nothing has been done by accident at Gin Gin. Everything you see has been done with a lot of thought behind it, they are very detail-focused. They had a really strong vision. I don’t think there's any other bar like it in New Zealand."

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